Letters of Reference

Below are a few of the many letters of reference we have received. To view all of our reference letters, please send a request to: office@southerncrosspc.com.

At La Playa Management Corporation

To Whom it May Concern:

We at the “At La Playa” condominiums in Point Loma have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with Southern Cross Property Consultants and especially with Mario Alesi. The company provides us with as-needed, on-call consulting services including oversight of warranty repair, links to trustworthy contractors and services, with an eye for cost savings. Mario is our “go to” guy for maintenance, repairs, and any emergency problems. He always handles the situation promptly and efficiently. He and Matthew are also our trusted advisors when reviewing and overseeing plans for architectural changes within the individual units – protecting the integrity of the building for all involved. More than once, they have saved homeowners from making costly errors in their rehab projects.

They have consistently brought in quality contractors and workmen for large projects such as our recent (approx. $30,000) deck upgrade, to smaller interior repairs in common areas and individual units.

We would be glad to recommend Southern Cross Property Consultants to anyone looking for an outstanding construction management firm with an experienced team and complete service and customer satisfaction.


Pam Kelly, HOA Pres.

Douglas Allred Companies

I am writing this letter to express my extreme satisfaction with the services provided to our company by Southern Cross Property Consultants. Please feel free to share this with any prospective clients and let them know that I will be glad to personally discuss my experience with your firm should they so desire. In the past we handled individual major projects in-house using our maintenance department to plan, oversee and crosscheck the work by third party contractors. Significant benefits from using Southern Cross included:

Your willingness to just scope the project and oversee bidding or to then extend to full project management. I appreciated that your objective was to educate us on the issues of the project and then let us decide how much or little involvement from your firm we wanted. This straightforward approach was most valuable and when we saw the results of your scoping work it was clear to us that we would benefit highly from having you continue with project management.
Your sourcing of qualified contractors. While we had a list of many firms that had cold-called us in the preceding several years, we benefitted greatly from your knowledge of the available firms to handle each element of the work. We greatly appreciated that you contacted each firm on our list and gave them a chance to bid but that you also included firms with which you had previously worked and been highly satisfied. We ended up using firms that you brought to us based on price, past work and your endorsement and the results were excellent.
The delivery of unique cost savings elements. You identified a firm that, through its participation in a federal government sponsored program that subsidized the use of former military welders in a convert-to-civilian employment program, was able to offer us a $200,000 discount versus the other two bidding firms. This not only made the railing replacement financially feasible for us, it gave us tremendous satisfaction to be part of a program that gave meaningful assistance to our country’s veterans. I do not think we would have uncovered them ourselves had we not had Southern Cross engaged on this project.

In addition to the excellent performance of Southern Cross on our large Club Torrey Pines project, your firm provided the same level of service to us for a smaller roofing need at another property where we sought an impartial evaluation of several roofing company proposals. Each had indicated a different approach to process and materials and we were unsure of how to proceed. It was very gratifying to receive your same quick and complete evaluation of this smaller project along with a specific recommendation for appropriate action on our part.

Based on your performance I can wholeheartedly recommend Southern Cross Property Consultants to anyone in need of high level analysis, planning and execution on any physical plant issue.

Very truly,

Kurt Sullivan, Vice President, Property Management

First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to commend the work Southern Cross Property Consultants (SCPC) did for First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego (First Church) and to highly recommend their services. First Church worked with Southern Cross for several years as we planned for, designed, and built our new $5.6 million Welcome Center and Campus Renovation project. The 8,700 square foot Welcome Center is a multi-purpose building and is the centerpiece of the project which included major accessibility and landscaping improvements throughout our campus.

Southern Cross Property Consultants was integral to the success of the project. They helped us to select our architect, create a campus master plan, managed the (lengthy) planning and building permit process, managed the contractor selection process, and served as our representative during construction. They worked with our Board and Campus Renovation Team from the beginning. From initial planning through construction, Southern Cross worked with three different Directors of Operation and several different committee chairs so their knowledge of the entire project history was vital.

SCPC advocated on behalf of the church with various City agencies during an arduous approval process, which was complicated by the historically significant buildings and art work on campus as well as our proximity to environmentally sensitive canyons. They delivered the project on time and on budget, the congregation loves the building and improved site, and the project has been nominated for numerous awards.

Working with the project team of Matthew Boomhower and Joe Chisholm made it much easier for the Pastoral and Administrative staff to focus on our jobs, knowing that our interests were being well represented. I especially appreciated the fact that I could count on Matthew and Joe to update me about the project without requiring me to be bogged down in the minutia of the process. First Church continues to use Southern Cross Property Consultants to manage numerous smaller projects on our campus and I anticipate we will continue to work with them for years to come.

I highly recommend Southern Cross and I am happy to speak further about my experiences should you want more information.


Robie Evans

Director of Operations