SDG&E Finances Facility Improvements

SDG&E Finances Facility Improvements

SDG&E currently offers a program that finances energy efficiency improvements. This program allows for facilities to receive a loan for the initial investment and then pay off the loan with the surplus funds created by reduced energy costs. SDG&E calculates savings based on historical usage and creates a loan schedule that makes the loan payment part of the bill – without the average bill ever increasing. Once the loan is paid off, energy consumers continue to reap the benefits of reduced maintenance expenses, while receiving lower monthly electric bills. They can save thousands of dollars with no out-of-pocket cost.

Here at Southern Cross Property Consultants, we recognized the value of this program and we put it into action with one of our clients: First Presbyterian Church of San Diego. We worked with them to determine how they could get the greatest benefit from this program. We explored the possibilities and limitations of the program and aligned the options with the needs of First Presbyterian Church. They ultimately replaced 90% of their lighting fixtures with LED lights in just 3 weeks, using the SDG&E-approved contractor and our construction management services.

We assisted with the maintenance schedule, which includes a plan to replace the fixtures 7 years from now, as they have a 7-10-year life span. First Presbyterian Church is already enjoying lower maintenance costs, and in 13 months when the loan is considered paid, they will receive additional benefit from the significant utility savings.

All of the labor and installation costs for this project were covered by this SDG&E program. The program includes a 1-year comprehensive warranty for the LED fixtures, which is especially valuable due to the difficulty of repairing and replacing tall exterior lights. They also inspect all completed work to ensure that there are no errors or defects. Since this project’s completion, SDG&E has added even more fixtures to its incentive program.

We highly encourage other facilities managers to look into this program. SDG&E’s On-Bill Financing is made possible due to small payments from every SDG&E customer. Since you are already paying into this program, it would be wise to take advantage of it. This program is a great opportunity to improve your property at no extra cost while simultaneously cutting down on energy and maintenance costs.