Facilities Management Consulting

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Facilities Management Consulting services help you to identify current and future facility and grounds maintenance needs. We generate and communicate necessary information that can be used within your organization, and we can also bring in proven experts to perform required maintenance or repairs. Additionally, our facility management consulting services can streamline the maintenance program in place at your facilities. One of the most advantageous aspects of these services is that our input and results can be used to expand your planning horizon out over several years–to anticipate and plan for large expenditures and to avoid crises and other critical budget needs. As with all of our services, we work with each client to set up a program and fee structure that works for your organization. Options, for example, can include:

  1. Per Project/Hourly Consulting: This service is best for those who need flexibility to have work done on demand, while not being locked into a maintenance contract.
  2. Monthly Management (flat monthly fee plus the cost of repairs performed): This service is great for large properties — clients needing a great Facilities Management Client Afterdeal of work or a lot of consulting on how to best execute work on their campus.
  3. Maintenance Planning: We build a Benchmark Report service to create a maintenance task checklist and/or cost projections for you to effectively manage your maintenance program — with or without our continued involvement.
  4. Project Management: We frequently evaluate building systems (e.g., roofs, mechanical equipment, paving, etc) and develop appropriate maintenance program(s) for presentation.
  5. We regularly create specifications for repair and replacement, conduct the competitive bidding process, and then administer and follow the work to ensure that it is done correctly.

Facilities Management Services provided to our clients include:

  • Maintenance Program Development & Administration
  • Maintenance & Repair Request Tracking & Administration
  • Vendor Management
  • Recurring Maintenance Scheduling
  • Operations & Maintenance Manual Creation & Management
  • Property Evaluations

A Property Evaluation Report provides a “snapshot” of the physical condition of a building or campus through a written evaluation and photographs documenting existing conditions and identifies areas of immediate concern. It does not just identify ALL problems, but a Property Evaluation will identify the materials and systems that make up the building and document their current condition. To prepare a Property Evaluation Report, SCPC staff will visit the site and perform a visual inspection of the property. Our written report will discuss how to maintain your systems to achieve the longest possible service life, and provide recommendations for areas that need attention and offer a time frame in which the work should be completed to be most effective. The report includes an analysis of building(s) interior and exterior and a limited review of the grounds.The report is a great tool for facility managers or congregations to determine if you are putting your maintenance efforts and dollars in the right places and to help identify issues you may not be aware of; they are invaluable in evaluating how much life is left in systems, for planning and repair purposes.